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Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise

  1. 2021
    Sunday, July 4, 2021 to Tuesday, July 13, 2021
    Tour Duration: 
    10 days
    Tour Price:
     $4,495 USD
    Tour Starts/Ends: 
    Reykjavík, Iceland
    Number of Persons Limit: 
  • Visit Grimsey on the Arctic Circle, home to over a million seabirds and a hundred people
  • Seek whales off the coast of Húsavík, Iceland’s whale capital
  • Visit Vestmannaeyjar islands, home to Eldfell, the youngest volcano in the world
  • Cruise Iceland’s extraordinary fjords and sea cliffs
  • View spectacular volcanoes, waterfalls, and glaciers!

Iceland is literally a cool hot spot: the land of fire and ice. Circumnavigation by sea offers the best of Iceland’s out-of-the-way wonders!

At the edge of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is unique in every way. Dominated by geology and the sea, a unique culture has emerged here that is ancient and contemporary all at once. 

Active volcanoes, emerging islands, lava fields, and glaciers make every landscape awe-inspiring and hiking, sublime. At sea, the mountains are a constant backdrop as we spot seabirds and marine mammals in the long summer light! 

Towns nestled among the fjords offer unique cuisine, handicrafts, art and architecture—and our local hosts will ensure we appreciate Iceland’s culture and history at its very finest.

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Day 1: Reykjavík

Iceland’s cosmopolitan capital, Reykjavík was established in 874 AD. Powered by geothermal energy, Reykjavík is widely considered one of the cleanest, greenest cities on Earth. Food, culture and nightlife abound! The National Culture House preserves treasures like the Poetic Edda, and the Norse Sagas in their original manuscripts. We depart Reykjavík in the evening aboard the Ocean Endeavour.

Day 2: Rif, Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We begin our day at anchor at the former trading port of Rif, on the doorstep of Snæfellsjökull National Park. We’ll have an introduction to Icelandic culture with our local guides. For the more adventurous, the region offers outstanding hiking, including opportunities to visit spectacular waterfalls.

Day 3: The Westfjords

Only about ten percent of Iceland’s visitors ever see this region, known for its jagged bird cliffs and multihued beaches. Coastal fjords, immense mountains, and tiny villages can be found here, and a traditional lifestyle is embraced by the region’s inhabitants.

Day 4: Siglufjördur & Grimsey

In its heyday, Siglufjörður bustled with activity as the centre of the herring fishing industry.  Now connected to the rest of Iceland by two tunnels through the surrounding mountains, Siglufjörður is resurngent. The herring museum -which includes reenactments- is wonderful. Foodies will enjoy visiting the superb bakery, chocolate factory, and brewery. The folk music centre is a wonderful resource for Icelandic folk music.

Grimsey Island lies on the Arctic Circle. Its human population of about a hundred inhabitants share the island with nearly a million seabirds! These include puffins, guillemots, and gulls. A Zodiac cruise among rock formations is a trip highlight.

Day 5: Akureyri

Iceland’s second-largest urban area, Akureyri enjoys a relatively mild climate and ice-free harbour. Shops, cafes, and restuarants make for good exploring  of the urban kind. There are ten musuems to discover and explore.

Akuyeri’s botanical gardens are among the northernmost in the world, miraculously growing several thousand plant species. The view from the steps of the monumental Lutheran church is worth the walk!

Day 6: Húsavík

Húsavík, on Skjalfandi Bay, is known as the “Whale Capital” of Iceland. Fifteen different whale species frequent the area; we also hope to see dolphins, and dozens of varieties of birds. The Whale Museum will further our cetacean appreciation.

The Húsavík Museum is located by the harbour. There are also numerous other museums including the Exploration Museum, which houses artifacts from Apollo astronaut training in the area; a whale museum, and a turf house museum.

Day 7: Seydisfjördur

Seydisfjördur is nestled at the tip of its namesake fjord. The picturesque town of seven hundred is known for its flourishing art scene, cobbled rainbow road, and excellent handicrafts. There are numerous opportunities for hiking beginning in the town, including a walk up to Tvisongur sound sculpture on a nearby hill.

Nearby Skalanes Nature Reserve is family owned and operated. The centre for research and interpretation of Iceland’s environment and cultural history is a model for sustainable tourism. A visit to Vök hot springs tops off the offering.

Day 8: Southeast Iceland

The south of Iceland is home to some of the country’s most beautiful natural attractions. Here we have opportunities to explore a unique mix of volcanoes, lagoons, glaciers—as well as hot springs, geysers, and spectacular waterfalls.

Day 9: Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands)

Vestmannaeyjar lies off the south coast of Iceland and comprises fourteen islands, numerous rocks and skerries. Only the largest island, Heimaey, is inhabited. Heimaey rose to global prominence when it was nearly destroyed by the eruption of the volcano Eldfell in 1973. An excellent volcano museum built around a house excavated from the ash interprets the incident, and numerous walks offer dramatic views of, and from the island’s two volcanoes.

Heimaey’s harbor was kept open as the lava advanced by pumping seawater to cool it. Nearby sea cliffs dotted with massive sea caves offer excellent opportunities for birds, including the much-loved puffins.

Day 10: Reykjavík

Reykjavík, or “steamy bay”, is a cosmopolitan capital city and as much a part of the Icelandic experience as the midnight sun or the fire and ice that creates the island’s landscape.

Today we disembark the Ocean Endeavour and transfer to the airport.


Ship Info

Sailing with a maximum of 198-passengers, Ocean Endeavour is the perfect vessel for expedition cruising. Outfitted with twenty Zodiacs, advanced navigation equipment, multiple lounges and a top deck observation room, she is purpose-built for passenger experiences in remote environments. The Ocean Endeavour boasts a 1B ice class, enabling her to freely explore throughout the Arctic summer.

Launched in 1982, she has had numerous upgrades, most recently in 2010 and 2014. At 137 meters (450ft) in length, Ocean Endeavour has plenty of interior and exterior space. Enjoy multiple decks offering comfortable lounge chairs, outdoor dining, a swimming pool, sauna and even a hot tub! The spacious interiors allow for multiple workshops and presentations to occur simultaneously. Community is at the heart of Adventure Canada’s expedition experience. We gather together to learn, enjoy a drink, sing a song or share a yarn – connecting with one and other. The three lounges aboard Ocean Endeavour are fantastic public spaces for seminars, events and dialogue.

The Ocean Endeavour’s private spaces are stylish and comfortable. All cabins have private washroom facilities, a phone for internal calls, radio, TV and air-conditioning. There are a variety of cabin categories available ranging from 9-30 m2 (100-320 sq ft). Photos of most cabin categories are available under the "Dates & Prices" tab.

Ocean Endeavour’s crew is experienced, and friendly. Her shallow draft and maneuverability allow her to access isolated fiords, bays and secluded communities. The stylish vessel is at home among the glorious settings we seek. Enjoy the class and comfort of a boutique hotel, while venturing to some of the world’s last great frontiers aboard the Ocean Endeavour!


Deck Plan


2021 Fares are per person in US Dollars: 

Category 1: $4,495  Deck 4 

Category 2: $5,495  Deck 4 

Category 3: $6,895 Deck 5 

Category 4: $8,195  Deck 4 

Category 5: $9,495 Deck 5 

Category 6: $10,795 Deck 7 & 8

Category 7: $12,095  Deck 8 

Category 8: $13,395 Decks 5 & 7 

Category 9: $14,695  Decks 5 & 7 

Category 10: $15,995  Deck 7 

If you'd like a single occupancy cabin, there are a limited number of single cabins in categories 3 to 7 available without a single supplement. Single cabins in categories 8 to 10 are available at 1.5x the fare quoted above.