We believe it is important to give back to help conserve the birds and other wildlife that we so enjoy. To this end, we donate to organizations working on conservation of birds or their habitat. Whether it is conserving endangered habitat, supporting action on climate change or sending binoculars to researchers in the tropics, we are striving to help the conservation of birds worldwide.


We have joined an elite group of businesses as a member of 1% for the Planet. One percent of our sales will be donated to nonprofits working toward environmental conservation.

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Some of our tours specifically support Birds Canada or the American Bird Conservancy.

Giving back and conservation


Concerned about the impact of carbon dioxide emissions from our operations on climate change, we have found a way to offset these emissions and neutralize our contribution to climate change. We all love to travel far and wide, but this equates to more carbon dioxide emissions into a warming atmosphere. With climate warming having impacts on birds and other wildlife from the Arctic to the Amazon, we are keen to do what we can. We do as much as we can to reduce our emissions then offset the rest.

We are certified CarbonfreeTM by We offset all of the carbon produced from all of our guide and participant flights during our tours, vehicle use during our tours and operations, ship use, and the electricity used by our office. uses our donation to purchase carbon credits from renewable energy projects and ‘retires’ the carbon credit. You also have the option to offset your flights to get to the start of our tour so you can travel ‘carbon-neutral’!

Learn more about how you can offset all of your carbon footprint at


We aim to make the world a better place through our operations. Whenever possible we step off the beaten path to visit the locally owned establishments and hire local guides to bring greater benefit to the local communities. We also go out of our way to design tours that visit reserves and lodges that have been established to demonstrate and deliver benefits from conservation to the local community.

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