Plan your trip

Planning a trip is exciting.
Let us tell you more about our tour preparation process.

On this page, you will find our tour preparation process in 8 easy steps. Here you can learn what comes next as we prepare for your trip.


1. Receive the tour confirmation email

Once we confirm your tour, we will notify you via email. We typically confirm our land-based tours between 120 and 90 days prior to your departure.
Your land-tour confirmation email will include:

  • A participant information package with suggested packing list
  • A PDF copy of the bird checklist
  • The link to your pre-tour survey that you need to complete
  • Pre and post tour extra hotel night information. We are happy to book additional nights for you and can add the cost to your invoice.
  • Information on how to pay your tour fees. Now that the tour is confirmed, we will ask you to pay the balance of your invoice.

Ship tours are usually confirmed further in advance and will come with information about how to prepare for your trip.

2. Book your flights

Once you have received your tour confirmation, you can book your flights to/from the destination. Some people prefer to arrive a day early to acclimatise and recover from jet lag. Others stay a few days longer to extend their trip to visit other local attractions. If you need help booking your flights, feel free to work with your local travel agent or reach out to us for advice.

Please note there is no need to send your flight confirmation to your tour manager because you will be prompted to include these details in your pre-tour survey. If you decide to book your flights before you receive our tour confirmation, we recommend purchasing a flexible, refundable ticket.

3. Pre-tour survey

Now that you have your flights booked, it is time to complete the pre-tour survey online (sent in the tour confirmation email). Completing this pre-tour survey is mandatory. We require information on flight details, dietary restrictions, medical information and travel insurance. If anything changes after submitting the survey, please inform your tour manager via email.

4. Final details email 

Approximately one month prior to your trip, we will send you an email with the final trip details. This will include information on how to get from the airport to our tour hotel and where to meet your tour guide for the welcome dinner. We will also provide you with a list of the accommodation that you will be staying at during the tour, which you can share with friends and family.

5. Download and join our app

You will receive an invitation to download our app on your phone or tablet about one week prior to your departure. The app will allow you to chat with your guide and fellow travellers. It will also allow you to see a daily itinerary during your tour. Even if you don’t plan on having cell phone service during the tour, the app is still useful while connected to Wifi. If you won’t be travelling with a phone or tablet, no problem, you will still get all the information you need.

6. Enjoy the tour

Your tour manager has prepared all the logistics, so you don’t have to worry about how to get around, or where to enjoy the next meal. You can focus on enjoying the birds, wildlife and culture of your destination. Our guides are true experts in their fields and will work to make your experience exceptional.

7. Share your feedback and write a review

After your trip, we will send you a tour evaluation form. We are always striving to improve our tours and your feedback is essential. It will help our tour managers adjust accommodation and gain assurance in our suppliers.

We will also invite you to share a review for our website. Your experience is insightful for potential future travellers and will aid them in determining if a tour could be a good fit for them.

8. Find a new adventure and book your next tour

We have come full circle. We are proud to say that 92% of our clients say they would travel with us again. We hope that you have an exceptional travel experience and travel with us again soon!

Our secret to providing exceptional travel experiences is diligent preparation with rigorous attention to detail. We plan, we book, we prepare, we anticipate so when you book a tour with us, you can relax knowing that you are in good hands.


Got more questions?

Review our Tour FAQ page, it covers all important details about our tours,
including schedules, fitness requirements, group dynamics, and more.

Land Tour FAQs