European Small-Ship Cruises

Discover the beauty of Scotland. There are so many reasons to visit Scotland from breath-taking scenery, lively modern cities, charming villages, historical castles, stunning lochs and its rich culture. Scotland should be on everyone’s list of travel destinations. 

Enjoy the best Scotland has to offer by joining us on one of our European expedition cruises to Scotland.

On our Scotland Slowly expedition cruise, you will experience Scottish culture, take in UNESCO heritage sites, visit Hebrides, Islay, St. Kilda, sample fine whisky, visit archaeological ruins including standing stones, brochs and medieval castles. We also visit the largest seabird colony in the United Kingdom at St. Kilda. June is an ideal time to visit Scotland with bird breeding well underway. 

On our Iceland Circumnavigation cruise you will enjoy whale watching at Húsavík, cross the arctic circle at Grímsey, enjoy the breath-taking landscape of waterfalls, fjords, volcanoes, as well as experience the unique Icelandic culture. 

Alternatively, you can journey from Scotland’s picturesque shorelines through the cliffs of the Faroe Islands, north to the volcanic plains of Iceland. Experience Scottish history at Orkney’s Ring of Brodgar, explore the charming capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn, and witness the spectacular fjords, waterfall and volcanoes of Iceland.  This voyage has something for everyone.