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4.8 Stars - Based on 441 User Reviews

24 Nov 2023 - Trustpilot
Leisurely tour of SE Arizona This was a leisurely tour of southeastern Arizona. We stayed in a few hotels, two nights at a time. The birds were amazing, the food was good and the weather was pleasant. Highly recommend this trip.
Deb Oliver
22 Oct 2023 - Trustpilot
The tour 101% lived up to… The tour 101% lived up to promises/expectations.
28 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
The guides were super at finding and… The guides were super at finding and identifying the birds. The locations were beautiful and the other people on the trip were wonderful to be with. The shore birds were easier for me to spot than the ones in the trees so I was glad there were many opportunities for that.
27 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
Office excellent Office excellent. Guides very experienced. Wonderful locations.
02 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
Expedition Team well organized Expedition Team well organized, friendly, helpful. Ship's crew friendly, helpful. Good land excursions, good zodiac excursions. Speakers spoke on topics of keen interest. Kept us well informed about what was happening with the volcanic episode.
02 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
SE Arizona - Monsoon birding Great guide and tour!
01 Aug 2023 - Trustpilot
Great tour! SOUTHEAST ARIZONA 2023: American rarities, lots of hummingbirds, mammals and herpetology too! Very knowledgeable guide, proven route, and a great overall experience. Great supportive company too!
Darby B
28 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
Trip Cancellation Experience I, unfortunately, had to cancel my trip and was trying to arrange return of my deposit and the return of my cancellation travel insurance. I was lucky enough to deal with the staff at Eagle-Eye who facilitated the whole thing. My deposit was put on hold to be used on another trip and... read more
20 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
You will not regret it for a minute! Everyone so helpful, knowledgeable , made the trip so enjoyable, interesting, a learning experience. Good weather sure helped to enjoy all the towns, birds, plants, waterfalls, whales, zodiac rides etc.etc.
10 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
Wow, what a memorable trip! The experience of the guides and their knowledge of all things natural was just wonderful! The wildlife viewed was amazing! The other adventurers were 'my people', loving nature and sharing their stories!
10 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
Great experience, fulfilled my expectations I wrote my review in the last page.
Susan P.
06 Jul 2023 - Trustpilot
Great company to deal with Great company to deal with. Every communication with them, either phone or email, was answered promptly.
29 Jun 2023 - Trustpilot
Grand Newfoundland Birdwatching Grand Newfoundland Birdwatching with Jared Clarke and Adam Timpf was excellent.
21 Jun 2023 - Trustpilot
The guides were wonderful and very… The guides were wonderful and very experienced. The birds were great to see. Newfoundland has beautiful scenery.
20 Jun 2023 - Trustpilot
Trip and company both highly recommended The trip was very well-researched and planned, with flexibility when required (e.g. unexpected weather, unsuitability of specific destinations). The support team were always responsive and proactive when communicating updates.
16 Jun 2023 - Trustpilot
Visiting Newfoundland This tour provided an excellent overview of the wildlife and culture of Newfoundland. Visits to seabird nesting colonies were of particular interest and provided an opportunity to see birds that are seen infrequently from the shore, if al all. The scenic coast of Newfoundland was a spectacle in itself. The guides of the tour... read more
13 Jun 2023 - Trustpilot
Eagle Eye is the top tour for Canada by… Eagle Eye is the top tour for Canada by Canadians. The back office support is timely and caring. The guides are expert and want to get everyone on the birds, even the toughest ones.
Brian A
13 Jun 2023 - Trustpilot
Ultimate British Columbia 2023 We had the chance to see several… We had the chance to see several different parts of British Columbia. The boat trips were a highlight. The leaders were very helpful in pointing out the birds. The pace was quite vigorous but it had to be to see the birds we wanted to see and I think we were all good with that.... read more
10 Jun 2023 - Trustpilot
Magical landscape and wilfdlife Narwhals, polar bears, seals, all in their natural habitat made me really experience what the arctics are about. You will never have this feeling when you see pictures or tv. Arctic weather (unforeseen storms) made the adventure complete.
08 Jun 2023 - Trustpilot
A true adventure and local experience Friendly office and field staff. Great itinerary and attentive service.
25 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Bird diversity and beautiful environments The diversity of environments visited and the birding 'extras' like watching banding at Long Point. Algonquin was a pleasant addition because of the beauty of the environment and the rarity of the birds
Douglas & Ellen
24 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Smiles for Point Pelee & Algonquin Park Eagle Eye Point Pelee & Algonquin Park Tour: We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Every location we visited was great with well planned days as well as thoughtful attention to detail and participants. Jared and Tim are wonderful guides and excellent birders. They comfortably share their knowledge making sure everyone is on the bird.
23 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Excellent guides Excellent guides Both Jared Clarke and Tim Lucas were awesome guides. They always looked out for their clients and went the extra mile to keep everyone happy. If you get an opportunity to go with any of them, jump at that chance.
Fakunle Mosunmola
22 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Infact i was so impressed with Eagle… Infact i was so impressed with Eagle eyes service 😍 I went desert safari with my friends to celebrate my birthday it was so fun n nice,we really enjoyed ourselves yesterday 😊 sure we are still coming back it's really worth d price
18 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Incredible trip Incredible trip. We saw so many birds with Stu and Ernesto. They were exceptional guides with impressive knowledge. Would recommend the trip to any birder.
17 May 2023 - Trustpilot
A great and straightforward experience The website and items provided by customer service were very informative. Customer service was excellent, particularly as we had to cancel our participation due to health reasons, then I was able to be reinstated on the tour at the last minute as the health issue subsided. The pricing was good. The guides were excellent... read more
16 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Great overall experience Eagle-eye did a tremendous job. The guides and itinerary were superb.
15 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Birding at its best, a well-organized tour. Every day was packed full of new things to see. There was ample time for for photographers and we all got good views of everything. We managed well over 400 bird species because of the amazing skill of the guide, James Wolstencroft. The food was very good and the lodges were all amazing in... read more
15 May 2023 - Trustpilot
The tour leaders knew how to handle the… The tour leaders knew how to handle the challenging situations of a slow migration season and an outbreak of Covid. They made sure we saw a wide variety of birds and were all safe even though keeping the guests separated from the general public was hard work.
15 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Great customer service Great customer service, quick to respond and helpful with all aspects of booking the tour. I will definitely use Eagle Eye tours again!