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Why take an expedition cruise?

Have you always wondered what it might be like to take an expedition cruise?

Small-ship expedition cruises offer a unique way to travel and provide an experience of a lifetime. There are a number of reasons why you should consider taking an expedition cruise on a small ship.



Unlike larger cruise ships, our ships have a shallower draft allowing us to navigate through narrow fjords, set anchor in shallow bays giving you access to remote villages, archeology sites, and fabulous wildlife encounters. They allow you to access pristine and remote parts of the world.

Exploring fjords in TorngatsExploring fjords in Torngat National Park © Mike Beedell



Most of our expedition cruises have flexible itineraries, allowing us the opportunity to stop to enjoy a pod of whales, or go in search of a polar bear without being on a restrictive landing schedule. 

Polar bears on sea ice taking from expedition ship

Polar bears on sea ice. Photo taken from expedition ship. © Cam Gillies



A large part of small-ship expedition cruises are the off-boat and on-shore excursions.

Equipped with zodiacs, we have the freedom to land virtually anywhere. These zodiacs can be pulled up on shore allowing us to explore places most people will never set foot.

zodiac excursion on tropical island

South Pacific zodiac excursion © Aaron Russ

Eric the Red's Church reconstruction. BrattahlidEric the Red’s Church reconstruction. Brattahlid, Greenland © Dennis Minty

hiking in the arctic, expedition cruise

Hiking in the arctic © Mike Beedell



In addition to onshore excursions, zodiacs are used for cruising excursions, where we can view that incredible seabird cliff or cruise amongst towering icebergs. 

Zodiac cruise, Antarctica

Zodiac cruise, Antarctica


Grizzly bear viewing from zodiac

Grizzly bear viewing from zodiac © Lindsay Janes, BWA



An important part of small-ship expedition travel is the dynamic resource staff on board, including photographers, biologists, geologists, archaeologists and cultural ambassadors that make up a large part of the experience.

In addition to offering on-board lectures, these onboard experts will be your guides and leaders on our shore excursions, describing and sharing their knowledge of the landscape, wildlife, and culture.

on-ship lecture

On-ship lecture © Dennis Minty

In the arctic photo by Michelle Valberg

Cultural experience in the Arctic © Michelle Valberg

Botanists identifying plantBotanists identifying plants © Martin Lipman



Expedition ship cruises tend to have like-minded travellers seeking an educational experience, up-close wildlife encounters and active exploration.

These smaller groups allow you to have more personal connections with the resource staff and your fellow passengers creating lasting friendships and memories. 


Looking for wildlife from ship

Looking for whales © Cam Gillies



Expedition ships are your home away from home providing you with all the basic comforts and delicious meals. They are your floating hotel allowing you to wake up each day to new vistas and experiences rested and ready for adventure. 

Outdoor dining on ship

Outdoor dining on ship © Rob Poulton



Depending on the cruise, you may have the opportunity to participate in additional activities such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, or snorkelling. Regardless of the activities you participate in, or even if you don’t choose any of the additional activities, you will certainly have the adventure of a lifetime!

Kayaking in the Galapagos

Kayaking in the Galapagos © Danny Catt

From the Arctic to Antarctica, we offer a variety of small-ship trips from sailboats carrying eight clients, to small cruise ships with a maximum of 198 passengers. We are sure we have something for everyone. 

What are you waiting for? It is time to start thinking about one of our spectacular cruises!

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