Yousif Attia

Ornithologist & Birder Blog Posts

Yousif grew up with the birds of southern Alberta, although he was born on the Nile. Inherently drawn to the natural world during his childhood, he swiftly began studying wildlife, birds and mammals in particular, which eventually turned into a career as a field biologist. Yousif has worked and volunteered for many organizations all over North America, including work on various programs for Bird Canada.

Birding has taken him all over Canada and the United States, Costa Rica, Belize, Peru, Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, Australia, parts of Europe, the Middle East, and of course his homeland of North Africa. His primary areas of interest are the nuances of bird vocalizations, migratory bird behavior and conservation biology. Yousif's unwaning passion for birding is transparent and he is always eager to share his enthusiasm with others.

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