Yousif Attia

Ornithologist & Birder
Yousif Attia - Ornithologist & Birder

Yousif was born on the Nile, raised in southern Alberta, and currently settled in the Fraser River Estuary along the British Columbia coast.  Due to a genetic predisposition to suffer the natural world, he began studying wildlife, birds and mammals in particular, at a young age. This eventually turned into a career as a field biologist that took him all over North America where he interacted with birds in almost every way possible, including a great deal of bird banding. Yousif now works for Birds Canada, a national not-for-profit organization and Birdlife International partner, dedicated to the conservation of wild birds. He currently manages national volunteer science programs, namely the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) and eBird in Canada, and also works on content development and public outreach.

Birding has taken Yousif all over the place and he plans eventually to see it all. In 2019, he was part of the first all-Canadian team to take part in the Champions of the Flyway, a renowned birding competition raising funds for conservation. His primary areas of interest are identifying birds by sound, migratory bird behavior and conservation biology.  When he's not birding, working, or birding, Yousif enjoys spending time with his family, birding, cooking, watching movies, and birding. Yousif has an unwaning appetite for the natural world and is constantly seeking to connect with it.

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