Tyler Greenly

Professional Wildlife Guide, Naturalist, Biologist
Tyler Greenly - Professional Wildlife Guide, Naturalist, Biologist

From a young age Tyler had a passion for wildlife. This was sparked during camping trips with his family in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and going on jeep rides with his grandfather. He first started bird watching during trips with his family to Catalina State Park, near Tucson Arizona. There he learned, from experienced bird watchers, how to identify birds by sight and sound, as well as developing a lifelong passion for bird watching. Now in his late 20's, Tyler still enjoys traveling to Arizona and visiting the places that first sparked his interest in birds.

Before becoming a guide Tyler acquired a degree in Biology at Colorado State University and worked in the research field. During this time he worked closely with birds in several National Parks in the western United States, studying their breeding behavior and ecology. He also worked closely with other endangered wildlife including black-footed ferrets, bighorn sheep, and several amphibian species. His greatest achievement, as a wildlife technician, was working for the Yellowstone Wolf and Cougar Projects and studying predator-prey relationships between wolves and ungulates.

Tyler is now a professional wildlife guide who began his guiding career in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. There he discovered a love for guiding and taking people into the great outdoors. As a guide, Tyler focuses largely on the guests' experience and customer service. He is committed to providing exceptional trips to people from around the World.

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