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Tim Lucas - Birder & Biologist

From a young age, Tim Lucas has had a passion for all things birds, wildlife, and adventure. Canadian born and raised, his interests have driven him to explore extensively throughout North America and beyond. Perhaps a natural progression from his roots at Long Point Bird Observatory, he has made a habit of surrounding himself with those more skilled than he is. Despite his laidback demeanour, Tim enjoys tackling the most difficult ornithological issues he can find, with an eye for real world application and relevance.  Among other things, he has developed a particular interest in working out identification and taxonomic conundrums, migration, and under-explored regions.

At 17, he spent three years as a voting member of the Ontario Bird Records Committee. He has worked as an environmental consultant, a field biologist in some of Canada’s most remote regions and has more recently worked on projects ranging from waterfowl moult to Herring Gull taxonomy and visible songbird migration. More than anything, Tim loves sharing with and learning from the people around him.

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