Tatiana Pongiluppi

Biologist and Bird Guide
Tatiana Pongiluppi - Biologist and Bird Guide

Tatiana Pongiluppi was born in São Paulo, one of the most biodiverse states of Brazil, which is home to exuberant patches of Atlantic Forest. It is this environment that inspired Tatiana to start birding when she was just a child, and she took it seriously when she was an undergraduate student. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, Tatiana worked for almost 10 years at SAVE Brasil (Birdlife International in Brazil). During this time, she traveled to many parts of the country, working on bird conservation in local communities and carrying out bird surveys. Tatiana's time in the field gave her well-trained ears, and it is the identification of bird songs that really captivates her attention. She passionately worked for years, connecting people, environment, culture, and birds, while leading citizen science projects. Tatiana pursued her master’s degree on biodiversity in protected areas and applies all of her skills and knowledge to design, operate, and guide birding tours in Southeast and Northeast Brazil.

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