Skye Haas

Birding Guide & Biologist
Skye Haas - Birding Guide & Biologist

Skye, an avid birder and naturalist, hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he often works as a contract biologist for organizations like Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, The Nature Conservancy, and other non-profit research groups. His specialty, however, is in conducting waterbird migration counts, most recently at the Point Pinos Seawatch in Monterey, California. Skye was formerly the waterbird counter at the Avalon Seawatch at the Cape May Bird Observatory (New Jersey), where in 2014 he was the lead counter of the team that set the all-time single-season record of over one million, twenty-six thousand migrating waterbirds!

Skye has a degree in conservation biology from Northern Michigan University, and is a returning member of the Michigan Bird Records Committee.

In addition to field research, Skye has led tours for several years now for Michigan Audubon and the Sax Zim Bog Birding Festival. His passion and enthusiasm for being on a grand birding adventure is infectious and he’s always ready to grab the binoculars and head back into the field again and again.

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