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Growing up in Far Northern New South Wales, surfing the breaks surrounding Byron Bay, he always loved the natural world, whether it be the subtropical rainforests of the region, or the marine environment off the coast.

At university, he studied Education, and became a Primary School Teacher, having lived and worked in this field in England, Australia, South Korea and Taiwan.

For the bulk of his 16 years as a teacher, he traveled the globe in search of the natural world’s weird and wonderful flora and fauna.

These adventures took him to Bolivia to work with pumas, to Canada to volunteer with Black Bear cubs, to remote regions of Madagascar, in search of the aye aye and to the Mekong, where he traveled from Cambodia to Thailand, via Laos.

His guiding career began in 2012 with a Wildlife Tourism business based out of Melbourne.

His most recent role as Guide Manager and Team Leader gave him the opportunity to assist in developing a product and a team from scratch and then developing a culture within the team that formed cohesion within the team and inter-departmentally.

Scott has also written interpretation manuals and policies for multiple companies across the country, and articles for magazines and newspapers related to natural history and guiding.

He loves nothing more than showcasing amazing places to amazing people, for amazing products and is at peace in the wild.

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