Scott Baker

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Scott Baker - Bird Guide

Scott’s interest in wildlife began early on. Growing up in the leafy, outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne - although a highly urbanized environment retained significant tracts of remnant natural woodland. It was here at the age of 11 he got his first pair of binoculars and began what was to become a lifetime quest to identify all the birds in a rapidly expanding neighbourhood.

By the age of 15 he was running weekly bird walks and talks and became a founding member of the successful Yarran Dheran Junior Field Naturalists Club. In 1988 awarded Nunawading Young Citizen of the Year in recognition of his contribution to natural history and conservation.

Pursuing mutual interests in life sciences and fine art Scott went on to hold various roles in business, education and environmental consultancy. This has facilitated opportunities to explore the wild places and wildlife of Australia and beyond. In 30 plus years he has travelled extensively throughout the continent with a major focus on birds. He loves the rare and sometimes challenging, cryptic varieties but also shorebirds and seabirds, having spent many days at sea. To date has recorded [and photographed] almost all of the regular and resident land birds and pelagic species likely in the country.

His passion is for wildlife, not just birds. He is also conducting studies and regular surveys for mammals, reptiles and frogs. His fieldwork often involves nocturnal spotlighting sessions, with late nights and early mornings to maximize the ‘tetrapod’ options.

Scott is an active member of the Australian birding community, a moderator on several birdwatching forums and rare bird committees and, since 2017, has been leading birdwatching and nature tours within Australia and parts of SE Asia. He currently resides in Victoria but is frequently interstate or abroad.

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