Rachel Hufton

Professional Ecologist and Ornithologist
Rachel Hufton - Professional Ecologist and Ornithologist

Rachel Hufton has over 20 years in the field of ecology and environmental management. Employment experience includes the private consultancy sector, local government, and NGO’s. Conversant in ecological principles, design and implementation of survey and monitoring projects across a range of species in a variety of habitats and locations internationally and in New Zealand. Field skills include; threatened species survey and monitoring for birds (including territory mapping, point count surveys, transects and banding), bat activity/emergence/roost assessments, herptiles, and habitat assessments. Continuously seek opportunities for CPD and able to diversify and work flexibly across a wide range of tasks and issues. Enjoy networking, communicating collaboratively and bringing positive energy into projects and challengers. Effective project management and development of multi-collaborative partnership working. Experienced in communicating effectively through project engagement with a wide range of individuals and organisations. Enjoy connecting people with nature and have worked successfully in many different multi-disciplinary teams and alone in various environments.

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