Peter Croal

Peter Croal - Geologist

Peter Croal is a geologist and has been working in the field of International development for over 32 years. He focuses on the relationship between environmental resources and improving the lives of the poor in developing countries. Of particular interest to Peter is how climate change is affecting developing countries, and how the knowledge of indigenous peoples can be better used and respected by business and governments to solve development challenges. His work has taken him to over 40 developing countries, which has provided him with a wide range of poverty/environment issues. Peter and his family had the wonderful opportunity of living in Namibia for 2 years to develop and manage a project that would help the poor of southern African countries.

Peter started his career prospecting for uranium, zinc, silver, petroleum, peat and groundwater in Canada. Peter also spent 15 years as a wilderness canoe guide for Nature Ontario. In his spare time, Peter enjoys photography, cultural and adventure travel, organic gardening, fiddle playing and participating on boards of several not-for-profit development organizations. Peter is enthusiastic about meeting new friends on this Adventure Canada voyage and engaging in a wide range of conversations concerning the Arctic and its future.

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