Peter Clement

Ornithologist, Author & Birding Guide
Peter Clement - Ornithologist, Author & Birding Guide

Peter Clement is a professional ornithologist who, until taking early retirement in 2010, worked for Natural England the UK Government’s scientific advisory body mainly on the protection and designation of sites of national and international importance for their wildlife.

Originally from Sussex, where he retains a great love of the South Downs, he now lives in East Anglia and enjoys the wild expanse of The Wash and the marshes of north Norfolk.

Peter has been interested in birds and wildlife ever since he can remember and has travelled widely in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. A seasoned traveller with over 25 year’s experience in the field and has been leading tours for nearly as long. Pete has led tours to various countries in Africa as well as other countries and islands including the Caribbean and Alaska; more recently he was one of the leaders on a summer cruise around the northern islands of Scotland and on the Eagle-Eye’s Birds and Gardens tour of southern England in 2011.

In addition to spending time in the field he is also an acclaimed author of several ornithological monographs including 'Thrushes of the World’ and ‘Finches and Sparrows’. His other interests include mammals (especially those in Europe) and helping others to enjoy wildlife.

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