Mike Jarvis

Mike Jarvis - Birder

Mike Jarvis has been a nature enthusiast from earliest memories.  At sixteen he found a copy of Neville Cayey’s ‘What Bird is That?’ in a second hand bookshop and began his study of Australian birds. Having lived in Perth, Geraldton and Carnarvon on the west coast Mike was familiar with the flora and fauna in those areas. On visiting Darwin for the first time, Mike was amazed to find the bush alive with new sounds and unfamiliar trees, and took to the task of identifying them, building up a working knowledge of the bird species, their calls, and plants, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates.

Mike and his wife Jenny are Wildcare volunteers and care for injured and orphaned wildlife, mainly birds and reptiles, and Mike has had training in handling dangerous wildlife (venomous snakes). With decades of research, observation and wildlife experiences behind him, he has enjoyed the privilege of sharing this for many years with others by leading tours to wild places in Darwin and the Top End, and now is doing the same in Cairns region.

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