Mike Burrell

Zoologist & Birder
Mike Burrell - Zoologist & Birder

Mike Burrell is a Canadian zoologist and birder based in southern Ontario. He developed his interest in birds and nature at a very young age in a nature-loving family where he grew up in southern Ontario. He has worked as a park naturalist in Ontario’s Algonquin Park, in various research and biologist roles searching for rare species around the province, and with Long Point Bird Observatory and Birds Canada coordinating various bird conservation programs including the Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, eBird Canada, and Christmas Bird Counts programs and as a bird bander.

Mike loves connecting with other birders and sharing his passion for birds and bird conservation. In 2019, Mike co-authored the book, Best Places to Bird in Ontario with his brother, Ken. He currently works as the provincial vertebrate zoologist at Ontario’s Natural Heritage Information Centre where he helps track rare species in the province.

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