Meghan Kelly

Expedition Guide & Naturalist
Meghan Kelly - Expedition Guide & Naturalist

Meghan is a Southern California native who grew up exploring the desert landscape in her backyard.  With an undergraduate degree in Biology and work experience with the Peace Corps, Meghan began guiding expedition tours throughout the Pacific from the Arctic to the Antarctic in 2011.  The austere beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic landscapes reminds Meghan of her native desert landscape and she most enjoys spending time in these polar regions learning about the unique flora and fauna that thrive in these environments.

The Arctic, in particular, drew her to study the unique wildlife that the ecosystem supports and the conservation issues that the region as a whole faces.  In 2018, Meghan completed dual masters degrees in Environmental Science in Policy and Business Administration in order to become a more active and effective advocate for the conservation of these unique habitats. Meghan is very much looking forward to sharing her knowledge of the Arctic’s unique biodiversity, it’s wildlife, landscapes, and cultures with you on this floe edge expedition!

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