Ken Wright

Guide & Researcher
Ken Wright - Guide & Researcher

Ken Wright has had a life-long obsession with birds and the living world. Growing up on the North Shore of Vancouver exposed him to the natural world at an early age. His first outdoor job was sea kayak guiding on British Columbia’s magnificent coast. Ken later trained in wilderness leadership and outdoor recreation. His insatiable interest in birds landed him a job censusing tundra birds on the Yukon Coastal Plain. He now splits his time between wildlife research with Environment and Climate Change Canada & the US Geogological Survey and ecotourism guiding.  Ken has extensive experience on expedition cruise ships in Antarctica, islands of the Southern Ocean and the African and Madagascar coasts. Some of his Arctic experience includes Emperor Goose demographic research on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, a muskox survey of the northern Yukon and loon migration and ecology research in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. Some of his other passions are lichen ecology, whitebark pine restoration and wildlife photography.

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