Ken De Smet

Biologist & Birder
Ken De Smet - Biologist & Birder

Ken De Smet combines an avid interest in birds with a career in wildlife biology.  Ken recently retired from a position as Avian Species at Risk Specialist with the provincial Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection Branch (Manitoba Conservation), and has conducted research and conservation efforts for a variety of declining grassland birds in southwestern Manitoba since the mid-1980s.  Ken participates on numerous National Recovery Teams and Provincial Recovery Action Groups for species at risk in Manitoba.

Ken also has coordinated Breeding Bird Survey efforts in the province for over 20 years, and participates in a number of other volunteer wildlife monitoring initiatives, including several recent record-breaking Big Day bird counts in southern Manitoba.  He has written numerous articles related to birds and co-authored Manitoba Birds and Birds of Canada - two popular Lone Pine books.  Much of his spare time is spent organizing and participating in bird watching, ecotourism, and volunteer wildlife surveys.   He has been involved in birding and wildlife tours in Manitoba for over 25 years.

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