Josh Dewitt

Josh Dewitt - Birder

Josh Dewitt became fascinated with the bird world at a young age, having received his first field guide on his 8th birthday. He has been birding ever since. It doesn’t matter what activities Josh is involved in, whether that be climbing mountains, hiking through rainforests, paddling remote lakes, or rappelling into caves, he is always on the look out for birds and other wildlife.

Josh loves connecting with other people involved in the biology and conservation world and has been involved in a handful of conservation and research projects in his home province of Manitoba. He is involved with citizen science in form of the Canadian Nightjar Survey and the Manitoba Nocturnal Owl Survey. He is also a regional coordinator for the Audubon Christmas Bird Count and was a contributor in the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas. Josh has volunteered in wildlife rehab, mainly dealing with birds of prey. Wherever Josh goes, he is always eager to share his knowledge and passion for the natural world with others!

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