Joachim Bertrands

Birder & Guide
Joachim Bertrands - Birder & Guide

Joachim Bertrands was born in Belgium and spent most of his early age birding the countryside in his province. Soon, he was travelling all over Europe and the Middle East looking for birds and other wildlife. A trip to Ghana and Sao Tome sparked his interest in tropical birding as well, and other destinations soon followed of which Colombia is his favourite.

His MSc thesis on dunlins brought him to the other side of the globe, and he ended up in Vancouver where - after a few months - he decided he wanted to stay in Canada. He's been birding avidly in the province and beyond, often undertaking pioneering trips to try and explore more remote parts of BC, of which he has now virtually birded every corner.

Joachim nowadays resides in Victoria, where he enjoys planning and dreaming of new adventures, and is actively involved in the local birding community.

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