Javi Elorriaga

Birding Guide
Javi Elorriaga - Birding Guide

Javi Elorriaga (pronounced “habee”) is a keen ornithologist and nature guide from Spain. Javi has worked in the conservation of the Cinereous Vulture in Greece, in the reintroduction of the Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier) and the Osprey in Spain and the monitoring of bird migration in the Strait of Gibraltar. In 2011 Javi receives a Leadership Internship in Conservation by the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (Pennsylvania). Javi has also been a member of the Spanish Committee of Rare Birds (SEO/Birdlife) and co-authored over 30 publications. Wildlife photography is another of his great passions. Currently, Javi is based in Tarifa (Spain), the Strait of Gibraltar, where he enjoys birding in a daily basis.  Over the last six years Javi works as a full-time nature guide leading tours throughout Spain and Morocco for international tour operators.

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