Jared Clarke

Birder & Naturalist
Jared Clarke - Birder & Naturalist

Jared Clarke grew up on the northeast coast of Newfoundland and was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age, mostly by his grandfathers. Days spent hunting, berry-picking and exploring the wilderness of his rural backyard sparked a fire that has lit his path ever since – even if he didn’t always realize it. His passion for birding led him to explore city parks and isolated coves with equal excitement. Traveling abroad for work or study provided opportunities to explore the natural history of far-flung places … following the light of that fire off many beaten paths.

Despite his “official” training as a health researcher (Ph.D. Medicine), Jared’s love of nature and sharing it with others increasingly led him “astray”. He began leading occasional bird & nature tours during his “spare time” as a graduate student, showing off his beautiful province to visitors from all over the world and creating his own new adventure along the way. These days, his travels are just as likely to find him in the Canadian Arctic or the jungles of Central America as they are in Newfoundland – but his heart is firmly planted on the island he calls home.

Jared has been a guide with Eagle-Eye Tours since 2013 to destinations that have included Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Ontario, Trinidad & Tobago, Hawaii, Belize and Guatemala.

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