James Wolstencroft

Birding Guide & Author
James Wolstencroft - Birding Guide & Author

A native of the UK, James Wolstencroft made his first East African safari in 1976 while he was a student at Cambridge; before that, his pursuit of birds had already taken him around Europe, across North America, through Russia, and to Turkey, Iran, Israel, Arabia, Nepal, and the Himalayas.

James’s love affair with the Oriental tropics really took off during longer periods in India and Indochina in the 1980s; he guided his first birding tour to Assam in 1988. During the 1990s James lived in Thailand, Ethiopia, in Lao PDR, and in the Sychelles, where he worked for ICBP/BirdLife. Three years in southern Spain preceded his move in 2005 to Tanzania, where he lived with his wife Elsie and their two sons until August 2016. He is now based in Scotland and divides his time between tour leading overseas and writing about nature in general and habitat re-creation in particular.

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