James Lees

Conservation Manager & Birding Guide
James Lees - Conservation Manager & Birding Guide

James was born in England in 1980 and has been a lover of birds and wildlife from a very young age. He has worked with birds and conservation for 19 years. James currently lives in Southern Ontario with his wife and two children. He started his career with nature working at four different UK bird Observatories before becoming a warden for the Wildfowl & Wetland Trust. James worked at the famous WWT reserve of Slimbridge in Gloucestershire for 11 years. He he ran many public events, surveys, talks, guided walks and workshops on birds and other nature. He also had the honored position of representing WWT on an two month expedition to Madagascar looking for the once thought extinct Madagascar Pochard.

James lead over 30 birding holiday tours whilst living in the UK, these trips took him all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. James now works for the Hamilton Conservation Authority in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. Here he looks after 4,000 acres of Carolinian forest and its unique wildlife. James runs many guided birding hikes and important bird surveys here throughout the year.

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