Ian Thorleifson

Ecotour guide
Ian Thorleifson - Ecotour guide

Born and raised in rural Manitoba, Ian completed a degree in Zoology and Biogeography. He then worked in land use planning, and then wildlife management for the Manitoba Wildlife Branch, as well as helping to raise a happy family of human children. Ian spent three seasons studying and watching over the Ross’s Gulls when they first began nesting near Churchill. He has spent part of the past 30 years studying, interpreting and leading groups of guests along the coast of Hudson Bay and adjacent Lowlands.

For many years, Ian has been leading tours to study, photograph and to participate in learning about birds, bears, and all of nature. Destinations have included Riding Mountain, Churchill and all the rest of the province of Manitoba, Wager Bay, Ungava, the Mississippi Delta and the Gulf of Mexico. He began birding in the 1970’s, working as a Park Interpreter. In the late 80’s, he and partner Dan Guravich provided a photography tour for Roger Tory Peterson along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Ian has written extensively on nature for magazines and newspapers. He is an entertaining and informative storyteller, and as an affable, reliable and solid leader and companion in all circumstances.

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