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Héctor Gómez de Silva - Ornithologist & Birding Guide

Héctor Gómez de Silva was born in Mexico in 1969, but spent his early years in New York City and Kenya. He began birding in New York at eight years of age, and published his first article about birds at the age of fifteen while living in Kenya. He worked as a research assistant in Papua New Guinea for several months in 1992, where he was able to see 27 species of birds of paradise. Since his return to his native country in 1985, Héctor has acquired one of the highest Mexico bird lists at over 980 species.

Héctor has published more than 40 articles on Mexican bird distribution, natural history, taxonomy and conservation. He is adept at identifying birds by their vocalizations. His work on bird songs has led to raising the Nava’s Wren to species status. In 1994, he was involved in the rediscovery of the endangered Bearded Wood-Partridge in central Veracruz. Héctor completed his Doctorate degree in Ornithology from the National University of Mexico, specializing in bird community ecology. He is fluent in English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of French and Tok Pisin. Héctor has led birding tours for more than 28 years, in Mexico, Central America, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, New Caledonia, Kenya and Uganda. He very much enjoys sharing birds with people who appreciate them.

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