Gary Palmer

Biologist, Educator
Gary Palmer - Biologist, Educator

Gary Palmer has been fortunate enough to live his entire life in the incredible birding destination that is the State of Michigan. He earned a bachelor's degree in biology, but realized he hadn't had his fill of formal education, so he relocated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to work on a master's degree. It was during this time that he got truly hooked on birding after witnessing the spectacle of spring migration firsthand. After graduate school Gary dove further into the world of birds, working for a number of years conducting counts of breeding or migrating birds in various locations across the United States.

His favorite gigs have been counting raptors as they migrate past Whitefish Point and leading birding trips throughout the Upper Great Lakes. He also has a particular fondness for parrots, having lived half his life with a Monk Parakeet as a companion, but genuinely loves everything with feathers.

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