Gareth Thomson

Environmental Educator & Birder
Gareth Thomson - Environmental Educator & Birder

Gareth is a career environmental educator and certified interpretive guide with a passion for connecting people to nature and conservation.  His interest in birds began as a child, fueled by his mother's interest and his time spent on a family farm outside Ottawa. One winter in his teens he spent many long evenings listening to birdsong tapes and poring over Peterson’s ‘Field Guide to the Birds;’ the following spring was truly memorable as, one by one, he met a multitude of new bird species as they arrived in waves during migration. He’s been privileged to bird in numerous North American locations and Central American countries such as Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica, topped off by several memorable experiences in Europe and southern Africa.  Gareth lives in Alberta, Canada, where he works as an interpretive guide and environmental consultant, dividing his free time between birdwatching, parenting three exceptional young people, and walking hand in hand with his wife, Kelly.

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