Felipe Arantes

Ornithologist & Guide
Felipe Arantes - Ornithologist & Guide

Felipe Arantes was born in São Paulo-SP and has been passionate about wildlife since he was a child, which led him to study Biology, becoming an ornithologist focusing on the history, morphology, and songs of Brazilian birds.

He has a broad experience with bird surveys and bird monitoring projects in protected and remaining natural areas, mainly in the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest. Due to his expert skill in fieldwork and ornithological knowledge, he collaborated in research projects and management plans, for example, in the Madeira River Basin and Gurupi Biological Reserve.

He currently works as a birdwatching guide and environmental consultant. The topics that interest him most are biogeography, bird sounds and natural history. He is fascinated by photographing animals in the wild and recording their songs.

He guides tours in the Southeast and Northeast Brazil.

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