Daniel Giesbrecht

Birder & Ornithologist
Daniel Giesbrecht - Birder & Ornithologist

An avid birder and amateur photographer, Daniel spent his formative years growing up on the prairies in Saskatchewan, with a pair of binoculars never far from reach. Having shown an interest in all things Natural History from a young age, his parents gifted him his first pair of binoculars around age 10. The fascination with these magnified light-gathering magic tubes was immediate, as it opened up a seemingly new world, as they brought into view all manner of new birds of all shapes and sizes, so close and lifelike it seemed you could reach out and touch them. He was hooked.

Not long after this epiphany, Daniel had the opportunity of traveling to Southern Ontario to take part in the Young Ornithologist Workshop, held annually at the Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO) for aspiring young birders. This hands-on experience with birds and migration, along with meeting many other like minded individuals from various backgrounds, cemented in him a lifelong passion for all things feathered that has yet to slow down.

With a special interest in conservation and migration, Daniel has traveled throughout North, Central and South America in pursuit of the study and observation of birds, in all phases of their migratory cycle. From trekking through the peat bogs of remote Northern Manitoba Volunteering to Atlas breeding populations, or working on Shade Coffee plantations of Colombia alongside local farmers studying overwintering birds, Daniel has found joy in spending quality time observing birds, and attempting to better understand the connection they share with their habitat.

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