Christian Artuso

Christian Artuso - Ornithologist

Christian Artuso is a conservationist and ornithologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service. He has a PhD from the University of Manitoba and his thesis examined the effect of human density on Eastern Screech-Owls. Christian also sits on the Bird Specialist Subcommittee of COSEWIC. is an eBird reviewer and a committee member for the Manitoba Important Bird Area Program, the Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative, the Delta Marsh Bird Observatory, the Manitoba Ornithological Records Committee, and board member of Nature Manitoba. Christian coordinated the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas, coordinates the Manitoba Nocturnal Owl Survey and the Breeding Bird Survey locally, Christian has published many articles on Manitoba's avifauna and received the Cliff Shaw Award for outstanding contributions to the Blue Jay. Christian received Nature Manitoba’s Ernest Thompson Seton Award in 2020. He has given hundreds of presentations on natural history and conservation to a wide variety of audiences. He has trained many young biologists in field methods and identification. Christian is a world birder and loves guiding, travelling and wildlife photography. He has seen 5,750 bird species and photographed over 4,000 species, including some of the first known photographs of rare species.

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