Carolyn Mallory

Botanist, Author & Artist
Carolyn Mallory - Botanist, Author & Artist

Carolyn is a field botanist and writer whose book, Common Insects of Nunavut, was published in December 2011. It is a follow-up to the popular Common Plants of Nunavut, co-written with Susan Aiken. She is working on updating and revising the latter for a new edition. She is also hard at work on a picture book for children and a novel. Carolyn can always be recognized on activities off of the ship as she is usually looking down at the amazing Arctic world from a few centimetres above the permafrost. She has three children, four dogs, five cats, one cockatiel, a lizard, and a miniature pig. Carolyn and her husband Mark have recently made the move from Iqaluit to Canada’s east coast after living in the Arctic for the last twelve years.

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