Caio Brito

Birding Guide
Caio Brito - Birding Guide

Born in Fortaleza, Ceará in 1989, Caio Brito graduated in Biological Sciences in 2012 from the State University of Ceará. That same year, he decided to go on a motorcycle journey through Brazil. The purpose of his trip was to record the largest possible number of bird species and see the incredible biogeographical diversity of Brazil.

This trip resulted in a book published in 2014 entitled ” Um Caderno e Uma Moto: narrativas de uma viagem ” (direct translation: A Notebook and A Motorcycle: narrative of a journey).

His passion for birds, many might say, had a late start and it was only in the end of 2011 that he began birdwatching. However, he hasn’t stopped traveling throughout Brazil studying the birds in nature ever since, focusing especially on bird songs and calls. Caio has guided several very successful birding tours to Northeast and Central Brazil.

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