Blair Dudeck

Birder & Environmental Consultant
Blair Dudeck - Birder & Environmental Consultant

Growing up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Blair developed an early fascination with birds, observing them at the backyard feeders. Encouraged by family and educators, his interests flourished, leading him to complete a Master's of Science focused on how predator-prey interactions impact song sparrow populations.
Since graduating, Blair has worked at Bird Observatories across Canada, extensively exploring provinces from British Columbia to Newfoundland. He has also ventured beyond Canadian borders, exploring landscapes in Costa Rica, Colombia, Belize, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, all in pursuit of avian wonders.

Apart from birdwatching, Blair has a passion for bird photography, dedicating countless hours to refining his skills in capturing wild birds in their natural habitat. This passion also includes a willingness to share his knowledge with others, helping them enhance their photography skills to capture meaningful memories.
Outside of guiding, Blair works as an environmental consultant, primarily working on projects centered around the conservation of endangered species, such as Western Screech-owls and American Goshawks.

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