Adam Timpf

Birder & Biologist
Adam Timpf - Birder & Biologist

Growing up near the bird migration hotspot that is Long Point in southern Ontario, it’s no wonder Adam Timpf developed a passion for birds. From an early age, he spent many weekends at the Old Cut banding station and nearby Long Point Provincial Park every migration season honing his bird finding skills. It doesn’t take too many days filled with spring warblers to get a kid hooked on birding!

After graduating with a biology degree from the University of Guelph, Adam spent a couple years teaching English in South Korea and Taiwan before moving back to Ontario to pursue a career in biology. He has worked on a wide range of bird and wildlife related projects with a variety of consultants, government agencies, and NGOs. Currently he is working on the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas organizing trips to the far north, and volunteering on the Ontario Bird Records Committee.

Conservation is dear to his heart, and Adam volunteers his time on a number of committees for the Long Point Basin Land Trust and the Saint Williams Conservation Reserve – two groups trying to protect and restore rare and imperiled habitats in Norfolk County. On his farm near Long Point he has restored his agricultural fields to tallgrass prairie and oak savannah, providing habitat to countless species of insects and grassland birds. He operates a native plant nursery on site and sells native plants and wildflowers to people looking to create a little habitat of their own.

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