Abram Tompkins

Birder & Conservation Biologist
Abram Tompkins - Birder & Conservation Biologist

Abram (Abe) Tompkins grew up in the United States and at an early age became a confident backyard birder. This confidence turned into a passion for birding and a greater appreciation of all components of the natural world. He is an avid traveller and birder who delves into photography and hiking in his free time.

Abe completed a Bachelor's degree in Conservation Biology from Arizona State University and took part in many research projects, working with many wildlife species along the way ranging from Tasmanian devils to Satin Bowerbirds and sea turtles to rattlesnakes. He has lived almost exclusively in Australia and New Zealand for the past 10 years with many excursions to Asia to satisfy his desire for travel and birding, where the island of Borneo ranks highly on his favourite places to visit worldwide as the range of birdlife and wildlife is so unique.

Abe doesn't visit locations like a tourist, he attempts to become a local. You may see him playing badminton in the streets of Phnom Penh with the locals, or in the queues of a local food stall in Singapore waiting to devour Hainanese curry rice.

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