What is the function of a Narwhal's tusk?

By Pierre Richard

What is the function of that very unique tusk on these amazing creatures? Recently, many online sites have picked up on a story put forward by the Harvard Medical Office to explain the function of this enlarged tooth. Read more about What is the function of a Narwhal's tusk?

Arctic Photography Advice

By Tanya De Leeuw
June 12, 2013

In August 2012, I had the pleasure of visiting the Canadian Arctic and Greenland on a 10-day expedition cruise.

Before I start sharing Arctic photography advice by suggesting what gear to take, and how to capture the incredible sights that unfold before you, there is one huge thing you can do to improve your photos: Read more about Arctic Photography Advice

England Birds & Gardens Tours - Garden Highlights

By Lucy Chang
May 31, 2013

The exuberance of spring in the natural and cultivated environment is what England garden tours are all about!


Pleached lime walk, Tuscan pots, statue beyond   Read more about England Birds & Gardens Tours - Garden Highlights

Stuck on a rock

By Richard Knapton

It was the last day of our marvelous “Into the Northwest Passage Tour”.  We were traveling out of Coronation Gulf, midway between Cambridge Bay and Kugluktuk, everyone relaxing, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. We had spent the morning ashore, admiring the amazing Stromatolites (fossil algal mounds) and listening to the yodeling of Yellow-billed Loons, watching circling Golden Eagles as they hunted Arctic Ground Squirrels, puzzling over Redpolls (Hoary? Common?) and finding Harris’s Sparrow and other goodies, and were on our way to the last port of call at Kugluktuk. Well, not quite! A grinding noise, some shuddering of the ship, and …. We had run aground! An unchartered rocky reef, and there we were, at a slight tilt, stuck! Read more about Stuck on a rock