Our response to our clients in this unprecedented time

It has been an incredible period of upheaval in travel and indeed across nearly all facets of society.  From the beginning, we have worked to support our clients that were booked on tours that had to be cancelled.  This work is ongoing, but has become the new normal.  Throughout this process, almost without exception, we have been able to give clients the option of a full refund or a future travel credit.  In a small number of cases (~1%) we could only offer a future travel credit.  We genuinely appreciate all the positive feedback we have received for our choice to offer refunds (see our reviews on Google or Trustpilot). 

Going forward, whenever possible, we plan to continue offering the option of a full refund when we are forced to cancel a tour due to the ongoing pandemic.

We look forward to the days ahead when we can all travel together again!  Until then, stay safe and stay well.

Best wishes,
The Eagle-Eye Tours team


February 9, 2021

Transport Canada has extended the ban on cruise ships visiting the Arctic to early 2022.  As a result we have cancelled all the voyages on the Ocean Endeavour in 2021.  We fully support the decision of Transport Canada and want to put the safety of our friends in Nunavut and elsewhere in the north as the top priority.  Most of these voyages are being offered in 2022, so we are working on rebooking our clients on these exciting cruises next year!

A couple of other tours in late April have also been cancelled because we just can't quite see a clear path to safe operations.  Both our Spain tour and our Texas Spring Migration tours will be offered again in 2022.  We are looking forward to them! 

Stay well,
The Eagle-Eye Tours team

February 1, 2021

The world of travel continues to evolve.  We remain positive about our 2021 season, in particular with the deployment of vaccines, but we also recognize there significant headwinds and uncertainty.  We cancelled all our tours that had a depart scheduled up to early April 2021, including our Panama, Costa Rica Sampler, Costa Rica, Central Mexico, Cuba, South Texas, Hawaii and Southern Mexico tours.  We have also cancelled our Best of the Lesser Antilles, Colombia and Tanzania tours.  All of these tours are rescheduled for 2022 and are proving popular already.  We get the sense you have some pent up desire to travel!

We will continue to monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic very closely and look ahead approx. 2 months to make a decision on the status of our upcoming tours.  

Your support, your patience, and your willingness to stick with us through these trying times is very much appreciated.  We know that you share our love of nature and travel and we look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours in the near future! Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Take care,
The Eagle-Eye Tours team





October 13, 2020

The pace of tour cancellations has slowed and our Trinidad & Tobago tour and our Indonesia Sailing: Whale Sharks and Birds-of-Paradise are our only recent casualties.  We look forward to running these tours next year!  Nearly all of our 2021 tours are online (we are working on a little surprise tour though...) and we will be posting many of our offerings for 2022 in the coming days.


August 24, 2020

We hope all of our wonderful clients are doing well as we all continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  We continue to look ahead and make decisions about upcoming tours.  Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our Patagonia Wildlife Safari tour, our New Zealand tour, and our Saskatchewan Whooping Cranes tour.  For the Patagonia tour, there are still significant travel restricitions in place in Argentina and Chile and both countries continue to be severely affected by the pandemic.  New Zealand has done remarkably well reducing their number of active cases, but they have significant travel restrictions in place to avoid giving up those gains.  We considered running the Saskatchewan tour with the best possible safety measures in place, but there is still a great deal of reluctance to travel on airplanes and through airports and in the end we were just not comfortable operating at this time.

The safety our our clients and guides remains our top priority and we look forward to a day in the not too distant future when we can return to offering unique and exciting travel experiences!  

Best wishes and stay safe,
Cam Gillies


July 2, 2020

We are continuing to monitor the evolution of travel restrictions at home and abroad.  There will be a day when we feel comfortable running out tours again, but we are not there yet.  As a result we have cancelled our August New Brunswick & Grand Manan tours, our Quebec in Fall: Birds & Whales tour in September, and our November tour to Namibia, Botswana & Victoria Falls.   

Looking ahead, the travel restrictions in Argentina and New Zealand look challenging for our Patagonia Wildlife Safari and our New Zealand tour.  We'll be making decisions on those tours soon.  

Here's something fun in the meantime; as you may have seen in our email newsletter, we're running a Backyard Photo Contest.  Submit up to 5 photos taken within walking distance of your home between now and July 17.

We hope you are all staying well and extracting the silver linings whatever they may be for you.  

Best wishes,
Cam Gillies


June 10, 2020

We are happy to see that some countries are having good success controlling the spread of COVID-19.  Border restrictions are starting to ease in some places and at least local travel is in reach again.  However, we are sorry to inform you that we have come to the difficult decision to cancel our upcoming Australia tours, as some areas in Australia look to remain closed for an extended period.  

We continue to monitor the situation closely, getting information from official and local sources and decided to postpone the Australia Tours to 2021 because we are sincerely concerned with our clients and guides health, there are still a lot of unknowns and because we want to offer a great full experience!  

Australia is a wonderful place to go birdwatching because of its bird diversity and ecological habitats. 

During this time of social isolation protocols, we have been enjoying some local birding here and we are taking the time to work on our 2021 tours.  We continue to believe that 2021 will provide many more travel opportunities.  We are looking forward to sharing great travel experiences with you in the future!  

Best wishes,
Cam Gillies


June 2, 2020

Not much new to report, but did you see our photo contest results on Facebook or Instagram?  What a talented group of photographers our clients are!

Travel is still challenging and I don't think there are many people that are excited to get on an airplane these days, so we're continuing to put client safety and comfort first.

Tour cancellations
We have cancelled both our Belugas, Bears and Birds tour and our Southeast Arizona tour.

Stay safe and enjoy your local birding!  You won't regret the chance to get to know your local environment better.

Best wishes,
Cam Gillies


May 14, 2020

We're all still safe and happy and we hope you are too.  We aren't travelling or running any tours, but we are seeing the restrictions relax in some places where they have had success flattening the curve.  And there are many people working hard toward a vaccine.  In the meantime, head to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds to follow along an a virtual version of our Point Pelee & Algonquin Park tour.  The tour would have been running now and Jared Clarke has created a virtual tour from his experience and images from last year's tour.  Enjoy!

The birds are certainly returning in the northern hemisphere and it is a great time to enjoy some local birding!

Tour cancellations
The latest tours to fall are our Grand Newfoundland tour and our High Arctic & Northwest Territories tour.  Both Nunavut and Newfoundland are not allowing non-essential visitors.  These amazing tours will just have to wait until next year!  

Tour refunds
We have mailed refunds for all of the cancellations on the Ocean Endeavour voyages for 2020 and for the land-based tours that we have cancelled except for the two that we have just cancelled.

Stay safe everyone and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Take care,
Cam Gillies


May 1, 2020

We hope everyone is faring as well as can be expected in this upside-down world!  All of us here at EET are finding time in nature and excercise outside are keeping us sane.

Tour cancellations
We are continuing to look ahead at whether we can operate upcoming tours.  Unfortunately we have just cancelled our remaining Baffin Island Floe Edge tours and our Igloolik Walrus & Bowheads tour, both of which are in Nunavut (a Canadian territory).  The travel restrictions to Nunavut are still very strict.  Only residents are able to fly to the territory after self-isolating in the south for 14 days.  The first case of COVID-19 Nunavut was announced yesterday.  We will miss these incredible experiences in the high Arctic of Canada, but will look forward to returning next year and wish all of our friends there health and safety.  

It is obviously very disappointing for our dear participants that they will not be able to join these tours, but we sincerely appreciate their support and understanding.  You can read what one of these people said about the experience here.

Tour refunds
Refunds for Ocean Endeavour voyages scheduled up to the end of July have been sent and we expect to be sending the refunds shortly for the voyages planned for the rest of the season.

For now we must all continue to stay home, stay safe, and dream of travel in the future.  

Take care,
Cam Gillies


April 17, 2020

Things have certainly settled down around here, but we are still working hard rearranging cancelled tours and supporting our clients.

Tour cancellations
We have just cancelled our Ultimate BC, Canadian Rockies, Alberta Birds & Dinosaurs, and our first Baffin Island Floe Edge tour.  They are all approximately 6 weeks away and we continue to use this as our timeline when making a final decision on the status of our tours.

Tour refunds
We will be mailing refunds to clients requesting refunds on the above tours today.  For clients on our Ocean Endeavour voyages we have received the funds to pass on for the first voyage of the season (Mighty Saint Lawrence).  Refunds for Ocean Endeavour voyages up to early August have been mailed to us so we should be receiving and processing those shortly.  

Enjoy the arrival of spring as best you can.  We hope all of you are well and we are sending you our best wishes!
Cam Gillies


April 1, 2020

It isn't every day that a travel company tells you to stay home, but that's what we all need to do for now.  Unless, of course, you are an essential worker in healthcare or another industry, and if you are reading this we salute you!  We are all in this together and collective action will make the difference. 

A few updates on our operations:

If you have flights booked for an upcoming tour, watch your inbox in case the airline reschedules your flight.  If you are being asked to confirm or cancel a flight for a tour that we have not made a decision on (i.e. tours mid-May or later), just stand by, you can confirm or cancel once we know more about the status of your tour.  

Tour cancellations
We are watching the travel restrictions and recommendations around social distancing very closely.  Our Haida Gwaii Sailing tour is the only tour that has been cancelled since our last update.  We will be looking at our tours for late May around mid-April.  Rest assured we have no intention of running a tour if it is not safe or against government recommendations.  E.g. we are not going to put you in van with other people when you are supposed to stay 2 m (6 feet) from other people!   

Tour refunds mailed
Refunds for our land-based tours that have been cancelled have been mailed.  There are many operators out there that are only offering credits for future travel when they have cancelled a tour.  Each business's situation is unique, but we feel very good about our choice, and the choice of several other operators that we work with, to offer refunds when we have cancelled their tour.  

Thank you
We feel grateful every day for the support shown by our customers.  It is great to see so many of them rebooking for next year and they have been unwavering in their patience and understanding.  So, thank you!  I must also say a huge thanks to our amazing staff as we work through all of this!  They have been very effective, dedicated and compassionate as they work away, in many cases undoing all the work they had done!  

Best wishes, stay well and stay home,
Cam Gillies


March 23, 2020

The global situation continues to evolve and we are continuing to watch things very closely.  For our tour operations to return to normal we will need to start seeing things improving (fewer travel restrictions, businesses reopening, etc.).  Unfortunately, all the changes so far are going in the opposite direct.  I'm hopeful though that we may have reached peak pessimism.  Maybe we'll start to see a distant light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Weathering the storm
It is quite the storm and I expect some operators will not fare well in these challenging times.  I feel fortunate that Eagle-Eye Tours enters this rough patch with money saved for a rainy day (seems the rainy day is here!), no debt, all of our customer deposits held in trust, and very low overhead.  We will just ride it out and look forward to running tours again as soon as that is safe.  We have no interest in putting any of our clients or guides at risk!

England Birds & Gardens tour cancelled
This happened on March 17, but I forgot to mention this in my last update.  That was an easy, but unfortunate decision.

Upcoming tours
We have several tours in late May and June, mostly to Canada, including four trips to Nunavut (northern Canada).  Nunavut has just announced that non-residents are not allowed to fly to the territory and residents have to self-isolate for 14 days before boarding the flight north.  The Canada-USA border is also closed to non-essential travel.  I'm being honest with people booked on these tours and telling them that I am not optimistic about these May and June tours running.  We'll give them a little more time though.  I feel very bad for what this will mean for the livelihoods of our friends in Nunavut that we work with on these amazing tours.  However, we fully support these moves as the stakes are very high for people in Nunavut with many multi-generational households and the challenges of accessing health services from remote communities accessible only by air. 

We are going to be sending out refunds for our cancelled land tours starting this week.  We will work through our tours in chronological order, starting with March tours.  Clients   Refunds for cancelled cruises on the Ocean Endeavour will be mailed to us on April 1 and we will mail them out as soon as we receive them (approximately 1 week later).    

And finally, yes, you need to stay home.  We are all working from home.  And, yes, I know your knuckles are bleeding, but you need to keep washing your hands :).  There are a few people out there that don't seem to think this is a big deal or that assume the advice to stay home is for somebody else.  This IS a big deal and everyone needs to follow the advice to maintain your social distance and stay home, please.

Take care everyone,
Cam Gillies


March 18, 2020

Apologies for the delay in posting.  It's a busy time...

The global situation and its impact on our operations continue to evolve.  Here are the latest changes.

6 week moving window to assess our upcoming tours
We're now looking ahead ~6 weeks to make a decision on the status of our upcoming tours.  In these very uncertain times we are trying hard to balance the need for some certainty for our clients against the risk of cancelling a tour too early when it could have run when the situation improves.

Colombia, Texas Spring Migration and Point Pelee tours cancelled
The growing list of travel restrictions, requirements for self-isolation on arrival and closure of restaurants and other facilities makes it unrealistic for us to operate these tours.  Most clients are opting to rebook for next year at guaranteed pricing or take a credit, but we are sending refunds to those that are standing by to see how the global situation develops.

All 2020 Ocean Endeavour cruises cancelled
Due to the Transport Canada closure of the Arctic communities to cruise visits to protect fragile remote health infrastructure, it has become impossible to operate the expedition cruising season onboard the Ocean Endeavour.  Clients have been offered refunds or the chance to rebook for next year.  We fully support the Transport Canada decision and want to keep the health of our friends in the Arctic as a top priority.

Thanks everyone for your patience during this time.

Take care,

Cam Gillies


March 13, 2020

Deciding whether to cancel a tour
When evaluating whether we cancel a tour, we are looking at 3 primary criteria. First, are there travel restrictions or major inconveniences to travel in place?  Second, can we still operate the tour?  I.e. are the restaurants, key sites, National Parks, etc. still open?  Finally, what are the health risks?  How many cases are there per capita?  How likely are our clients to come down with this disease?

We will be assessing and reassessing this for our upcoming tours, particulary for our tours in April.  It is too early to predict whether we will have to cancel any of our tours in May.

Tanzania tour cancelled 
This tour was set to depart March 28.  While Tanzania tour is not reporting any cases of COVID-19, US citizens arriving home on a flight from Europe will be asked to quarantine for 14 days.  We expect Canada will follow these restrictions and the travel restrictions will increase.  Given the inconvenience this poses we have unfortunately decided to cancel the tour.

Transport Canada cancels Arctic cruise season
In a statement today, Transport Canada has deferred the cruise season in the Arctic for the year.  Here is the text,
"Given the limited public health capacity in Canada’s Northern communities, the cruise ship season for vessels with Canadian Arctic stops will be deferred for the entire season this year. This would apply to cruise ships of all sizes.
We will know more about how this affects our clients booked on cruises in the Arctic early next week.

Stay well,
Cam Gillies
Eagle-Eye Tours


March 12, 2020

We wish to provide an update on our operations amid a very dynamic situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We understand that many of you have concerns about our upcoming tours.  Please check back on this page for updates.

We have been operating for 25 years and the friendships we have developed over these years with our clients, guides, and everyone involved are a big part of why we love what we do.  The health and safety of all of these people is unquestionably our top priority.

In this very uncertain time, we are monitoring the development of the situation very closely with an eye to forecasting impacts on our operations ahead of when they occur.  The situation everywhere is changing daily and we will aim to keep you informed as frequently as possible. 

As you might expect, this is an unprecedented upheaval in the travel industry.  We are talking to many of you and are working to be as flexible as possible so that you can count on enjoying the safe and enjoyable tour you dreamed of. 

If we are no longer comfortable sending you, our valued client, on a tour and we make the difficult decision to cancel a tour, you will be offered the choice of a full refund or the opportunity to rebook on next year’s tour. 

Thus far, we have only had to cancel our Spain tour, which was scheduled for May.  While there are currently no restrictions against travel to Spain and there are no closures affecting our itinerary, we expect this to change soon and with the number of cases climbing quickly in Spain, we felt the risks were too great for our clients. 

On our tours you can expect that hygiene and preventing the spread of any illness among participants will be a top priority.

Clients booked on ship-based adventures can expect much more rigorous screening of passengers during embarkation, increased cleaning onboard, and protocols in place if someone becomes ill.  

If you are considering purchasing insurance, either medical or cancellation & interruption, it is important to have a conversation with us, preferably at the time of booking.  We can still offer emergency medical coverage to some clients that covers expenses if you contract COVID-19.  However, insurers are now excluding COVID-19 from cancellation policies, so you would not be covered if you have to cancel your participation on a tour because of something related to COVID-19.  Policies purchased before these changes are unaffected.  It is important to remember that cancellation coverage is designed to protect your payment if you have to cancel.  It is not relevant in a situation where we cancel a tour or an airline cancels a flight. 

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this disease and we wish everyone good health in the days and months ahead.

We are confident that, in time, this will pass and we can all look forward to great travel experiences wherever that may take us. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Yours sincerely,

Cam Gillies

President, Eagle-Eye Tours