New Zealand

  1. 2017
    Tuesday, November 14, 2017 to Sunday, December 3, 2017
    Tour Duration: 
    20 days
    Tour Price:
     $9,595 CAD, $7,650 USD
    Single Supplement:
     $1,325 CAD, $1,055 USD
    Tour Starts/Ends: 
    Auckland / Dunedin
    Hauraki Gulf Pelagic pre-tour price is TBD.
    Number of Persons Limit: 

• Lots of very special and unique birds and wildlife, including kiwis, penguins, parrots, superb seabirds, astonishing Tuis and Kokakos, and the bizarre shorebird, the Wrybill! 

• Boat-trips to predator-free islands with numerous endemic birds 

• Pelagic cruise off Stewart Island

• Spectacular scenery from snow-capped mountains to rugged coastlines and volcanically active highlands!

• Visit several National Parks including Fjordlands, Mount Aspiring, Paparoa and Tongariro


New Zealand – a land of remarkable and spectacular landscapes, from volcanoes and hotsprings to steep, deep fjords, snow-capped mountains and huge glaciers. The flora and fauna of these islands are equally remarkable and unique. Over 40 endemic bird species occur on the main islands, including quintessential New Zealanders – the Kiwis, those flightless, wingless, long-beaked ground-dwellers after which New Zealanders are named.

There are amazing birds here - New Zealand wrens and wattlebirds including the endangered Kokako, Saddlebacks and Stitchbirds, the world’s rarest penguin – Yellow-eyed, the inquisitive parrot the Kea, flightless Takahe, the scarce Blue Duck, the remarkable Wrybill – surely one of the strangest of shorebirds, the critically endangered Black Stilt, as well as diverse seabirds - albatrosses, shearwaters, storm-petrels, petrels. New Zealand is a land of ancient conifers, magnificent Kauri Pines so important in naval history, Southern Beech forests, magical rainforests of huge podocarps, splendid Tree Ferns, and fields of endemic sub-alpine shrubs and alpine flowers. 

Our New Zealand birding tour takes in both North and South Islands, and offshore Stewart Island, each with its own special attractions and natural wonders, from rugged Fjordland National Park, Milford Sound and splendid Mount Cook in the south to the volcanically active central highlands, thermal geysers and primeval forests in the north.

Itinerary View Full Itinerary

Day 0 - Arrival in Auckland

Our pre-tour starts in Auckland at our hotel for a welcome dinner. Night in Auckland

Day 1 – Hauraki Gulf Pelagic 

For those taking part in this pelagic trip, you are in for a treat! The list of potential seabirds is very impressive, with a multitude of albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels and storm-petrels. We have a chance to see endemic specialties like Parkinson’s Petrel, Cook’s Petrel, Pycroft’s Petrel, and Buller’s Shearwater. The most famous bird on this tour is the New Zealand Storm-Petrel which was only re-discovered in 2002 (presumed extinct since 1850). Predator eradication efforts on Little Barrier Island (now known to be their breeding site) have led to an increase in numbers and this means that we stand a good chance to see some today! There’s always a good chance for a variety of marine mammals.

Once back on land, we plan to have dinner at Warkworth, and then head back to our hotel in Auckland, arriving fairly late, and we will join the main tour at breakfast the following morning.

Main Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival

Day 2 - Trounson Kauri Park

Day 3 - Transfer to Orewa

Day 4 - Tiri Tiri Matangi Island

Day 5 - Miranda

Day 6 - Pureora Forest

Day 7 - Tongariro and Turangi

Day 8 - Waikanae and Ferry Crossing to South Island

Day 9 - Marlborough Sounds

Day 10 - Across the Southern Alps to Westport

Day 11 - Down the West Coast to Franz Josef

Day 12 - Franz Josef Glaciers and Haast Pass

Day 13 - Around Twizel

Day 14 - Travel to Te Anau via Mount Aspiring National Park

Day 15 - Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound

Day 16 - Ferry to Stewart Island and Kiwi excursion

Day 17 - Ulva Island and Stewart Island Pelagic

Day 18 - Ferry to Bluff, the Catlins and Dunedin

Day 19 - Albatross and Penguins on the Otago Peninsula

Day 20 - Birding around Dunedin, Flights home 


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