Guyana: Neotropical Wilderness Birding

  1. 2018
    Wednesday, January 17, 2018 to Monday, January 29, 2018
    Tour Duration: 
    13 days
    Tour Price:
     $9,450 CAD, $6,850 USD
    Single Supplement:
     $275 CAD, $200 USD
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    Number of Persons Limit: 

• Exceptional, high quality birding and wildlife viewing in a range of habitats

• Picturesque and spectacular scenery, from huge waterfalls to stretches of unbroken forest and scenic rivers

• Exciting experiences, from canopy walkways, many boat rides, a Macushi village and ecolodge, lots of endemics and endangered species, possible Harpy Eagle, and Giant Otters



Guyana, an English-speaking country in northern South America, has a small human population concentrated along the coast. The rest of the country is a marvelous stretch of unbroken, mostly untouched rainforest blending into savanna on the Brazilian border. It is home to Kaieteur Falls, where the Potaro River plunges 741 feet in the single longest drop of any waterfall, and is a site for Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock. The vast Iwokrama Forest Reserve offers miles of forest roads and trails, affording some of the best viewing of cotingas in the world (including the weird and wonderful Capuchinbird). If we encounter any ant-swarms, we have a very good chance of seeing surely the coolest-looking antbird – White-plumed.

Early in the tour we travel along Georgetown’s local rivers for Hoatzin and Rufous Crab-Hawk; further south we take in the Amerindian village of Surama - a fascinating experience, potentially with an active Harpy Eagle nest nearby; and visit an eco-lodge on the wonderful Rupununi River in a still remote part of central Guyana, complete with Giant Otters and Black Caiman. Large expanses of untouched forest are a welcome sight, offering hope for the continued survival of those species that require large unfragmented habitats – Harpy and Crested Eagles, big cats, tapirs, macaws, parrots, cotingas and much more.

Leaving the rainforest, we take in rivers on the border with Brazil for some very range-restricted and scarce endemics – Rio Branco Antbird and Hoary-throated Spinetail - and we travel west to an area where the spectacular and highly endangered Sun Parakeet occurs. Our tour has a sense of adventure - we travel by boat along rivers through miles of forests, fly over large expanses of forests to land beside huge waterfalls, and stay in lodges far removed from other habitation. 


Itinerary View Full Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival in Guyana

Day 2 - Abary River and Botanical Garden

Day 3 – Kaiteur Falls and transfer to Iwokrama

Day 4 – Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve

Day 5 – Transfer to Atta Rainforest Lodge

Day 6 – Atta Rainforest Lodge

Day 7 – Mori Scrub, Harpy Eagle and Transfer to Surama

Day 8 – Surama Area: Burro-burro River

Day 9 – Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock and Transfer to Caiman House

Day 10 – Caiman House

Day 11 – Karasabi and the Sun Parakeet then transfer to Manari Lodge

Day 12 – Rio Branco and Ireng River; transfer to Georgetown

Day 13 - Departure

Featured Wildlife

"This trip was a wonderful adventure into the backcountry of a small South American country. Nearly all the target birds were seen and seen well. And some of the birds were spectacular. There was also other very interesting wildlife." - 2017 tour participant

"Nice variety of experiences (paddleboat, motorboat, rainforest, savanna, canopy tour, Rainforest and River Lodges, city life and rural life). I enjoyed seeing how the native villages and people worked as cooperative communities and how many of the local guides were helping each other to get better." 2016 participant

"Good quality of birds seen (Cotingas, Harpy Eagle, etc), but overall numbers were low possibly due to the drought." 2016 participant